Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine for E

Dear E,

How did I ever get so lucky as to be born into a family of - mostly - brothers includinag DBR.  That particular brother had the incredible good taste to convince you to marry him.  Without his persistence in beating away all other suitors for your hand, I might never have met you, a lovely, loving woman.

Why am I sending you a Valentine today, E?  Well, you sent me one.  But not just any Valentine.

Do the rest of you remember my last art quilt?  Here's the reminder:

And, here's the Valentine's Day present I received from you, E.

Girl with a Pearl Earring socks!!!  If it hadn't been such a cold day, they would have been on my feet.  If my quilt is accepted into the Vermont Quilt Festival, you can be sure I will be wearing my to-die-for socks.  Have you all notice she is wearing a pearl earring?

What an incredibly thoughtful gift, E.  You give me pleasure that will last for a long time . . .

Almost as long as the pleasure of simply knowing and loving you.

P.S. Thank DBR for me!


  1. the socks are such a very thoughtful gift. You are indeed very lucky to have E in your life and someday I hope to meet her. Meanwhile, enjoy the socks!!!!

  2. I knew the socks had your name on them, but I didn't ever suspect they would inspire such an out-pouring of love. Happy Valentine's Day, Dear Sister-in-law! (Hope to meet you soon, ME)