Thursday, February 18, 2016

San' Antimo - Second draft, Days 5 - 7

If you read the title of this entry and blanched, don't worry!  I'm only going to show 2 photos and talk briefly about the paintings.  

When I went to class this week, this is what I took with me.  I hadn't worked on San' Antimo since last week's class but was hoping to get some serious work going after listening carefully to Sharon's critique.  It's time to get this painting finished.

Because it is vacation week and the weather was not very pleasant, there were only two of us in class Tuesday morning.  Indeed, the class consisted of the same three people (I'm including Sharon) that we started Tuesday's classes with - though I didn't realize that until just now.  We worked diligently, and by the end of the day, both of us had made progress.  I continued working on this painting Tuesday afternoon again  today.

Is it finished?  No, not yet. The trees on the right need more work, and then I will listen to what the expert has to say.  I am eager to get on to another painting - one less architectural, perhaps.  But there is one in my mind that will be an extension of the architectural focus of this one as well as include more natural detail (as opposed to the deliberately muted background in this painting) and people.

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  1. I think it's coming along great. n I am always amazed by your talent!