Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Looking Back

Today is the day I report on how my resolutions are holding up against the test of time. This year I approached the entire idea of resolution-making differently.

The first one was "I will try to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen".  And that is exactly what I have done.  My weight reflects some moderate success in reducing intake and resisting foods I shouldn't eat, but even more than that, I continue to make healthy choices more often than not.  I walked, but given the mild weather, I really could have walked more than I did.  Appointments also came between me and a walk several times; January was a busy month.  Here I rated a C for average.

Number two was to make a list of five quilts I would work on.  Here I give myself an B.  With everything else going on, I managed to start and finish a quilt top.  An unfinished project received some attention.  A large bag of patterns was sorted with some being given away, and the same is true of some successful fabric sorting.  However, I did succumb to the siren song of some fabrics, but they were purchased with projects in mind.  And I also took on another challenge even after being reminded of one I had forgotten about.  Stupid!  Oh well, if I make, great; if I don't, no problem.

Working on my art as often as I can was the third resolution.  No grade being assigned on this one as I really didn't have blocks of time.  I did put all my spare time on that quilt top.  Let's see what I can do about that this month.  Finding a better balance may be difficult.

Most important was number four - spending more time with my family.  The subtext there is,"Don't say yes to everything; be more conscious of which commitments you take on."  That's hard when many of the commitments are to spend time with dear friends.  Where I can, and I think I have pared down for this month is in the category of classes.  And I have resolutely kept vacation week free so we can spend time with our daughter and grandson.

All in all?  I'm working on it.  It's been on my mind, and that's better than the fate of resolutions most years.

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  1. I'm finding with my list I am more focused on getting things done - but no grades cause I'm just happy progress is being made!
    I've also been a bit more focused with work - hummm.....