Monday, February 8, 2016

Baby Steps

Another Monday full of the usual once-a-week chores.  However, I did get some quilt-related time.

First, I gathered the faulty-block materials to send to a Guild member who hadn't been able to make to our meeting last week (D was kind enough to take it to the Post Office for me). Then I pulled out another pack of block materials to hand-deliver to still another member who works in a local quilt shop.  Well, you know that was fun!  I was able to pick up a crib size batting even though I chose a cotton instead of the polyester I should have remembered to purchase.  It's for hand-quilting the Improvisation quilt; poly works better for that (it's not as dense so the needle goes through more easily).

After the Guild business was taken care of, I returned home and despite the usual busy-ness of today, I managed to squeak in some sewing on the current project.  Not that I was able to finish it which would have been nice, but even an inch of sewing is an inch more than I had before.  Since I was in a frequently interrupted portion of the day, I moved on to sandwiching the hand-quilting project.  It's now ready for basting.

The rest of the day was spent doing the usual but having been able to get some things ready to work on is a big deal.  My regret is that I wasn't able to sew binding on - I have two I really need to do as soon as possible.  Okay, make that three.

One at a time, and they will be finished. Sometimes all one can do is advance via baby steps.  It's still an advance!

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