Tuesday, February 23, 2016

San Antimo = Tuscan Plainsong

Since the painting is now "officially" finished, I can now publish information about it by its "official" name.  The "Tuscan Plainsong" painting did indeed need a bit of tweaking - both what I had identified and what Sharon pointed out as less than it could be.  I'm going show (in super large size) the last posting to today's work.  The challenge is: Can you identify the changes?  Cover up the last paragraph/s and see if you covered all the additions/subtractions.

First of all never mind the difference in color - I simply can't get the color right from one week to an other.  Okay, from the top - the color of three bell-returns (think that's what they are) at the top of the tower has been intensified on the right side to make them stand out from the background.  Also, the same is true of the right side of the tower itself.  Window openings have been darkened.  Cypress on either side of the tower have been muted because they were simply too intense.  Trees on the right and their shadows all of which I thought need a lot of work, didn't.  When I muted the cypress, it changed what needed to be done.  

Shadows under the rooflines on the main part of the left were made a bit more marked, the dark sides were warmed slightly, shadows on the ground were better defined, and weedy growth at the base of the church's walls was exaggerated.

Whew, wasn't it a good thing I didn't have much to do?  Did you get it all?

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  1. After I read the notes on where you made changes, I went back and you were right. You're such a talented woman!!