Friday, February 19, 2016

A's Project Bag

D's sister asked me to make her another project bag for her knitting.  You may - or may not - remember that she has a new, young, energetic, and mischievous kitten named Jubilee.  Jubilee loves to get into anything she can so A needed something to protect her knitting.  She asked for a bag and then the two of decided I'd make one and see how it worked (or didn't) to keep Jubilee "paws off".

A likes it; it appears to foil Jubilee (or maybe she's just not interested) so I made her a second for her birthday.  Here is Project Bag 2, side one followed by side two:

Today I received a very welcome note; A likes the bag.  Have to admit, I do, too.  Some of the fabrics are home decorating remnants, some are pieces of blocks that didn't work, some are pieces of a quilting panel that was better cut up than whole ( a lot better), and quilting fabric from a company (Frond) that I've never seen in any shops around here.

Although the bag was late for her birthday, it was finished before the other quilts shown this week.  I had to wait until D came home, passed judgment, mailed it, and A received it before showing it.  

It's odd that I don't really enjoy making bags designed by others, but these are fun.  Of course, I love collecting appropriate fabrics to use, designing the outer surface and lining, and most fun of all, the pockets.  Now, pockets are fun!  Trying to figure out what might be put in them, how many are needed, the dimensions, how many fabrics of which colors, lined or unlined, and how deep and wide they should be can keep me busy for some time.  

Poor A.  She received utilitarian pockets.  I blame it on the fact that I am a novice knitting-bag maker.

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  1. The bag is great. I'm not surprised A loves it. I am surprised that Jubilee isn't interested.