Tuesday, February 9, 2016

San' Antimo, Second Draft - Day 5

Painting day!  I find that I am not wholly successful in photographing this painting.  Last week's edition was a bit too rich in color so that today's photo will seem palid in comparison.  It's hard to learn how to compensate for different light when photographing watercolors.  My more knowledgeable friends will have to let me know what I should do.  

Until then here is last week's work:

In the above painting, the church is very light partly because of the editing as mentioned above, but it is also light because parts haven't been painted at all.  While that might seem absurd to point out, the viewer might find the next version "dark" in comparison.  Of course, because of the addition of pigment some of the light has been lost.  On the other hand, without that additional pigment, shapes and details would be unclear.

Here is today's version with the same kind of editing as the first - I couldn't stand comparing the two in different "light".

The reality is probably somewhere in between.

I think next week will see this one finished.  That will be a certainty if I make some time this week to work on it.  As usual, it's up to me.

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  1. You know how I have difficulty with perspective. You chose a difficult subject with so many angles and curves and recessed windows to include. I live very much where you are heading with this one. The photograph looks like it would make a wonderful tapestry.