Sunday, February 21, 2016

My Project Bag

Today I spent the afternoon with friends in a class on bag construction.  There were 6 women in attendance - each one making her version of one of three bags.  Three women were constructing handbags, and the other three (of whom I was one) were making a big project/shopping/overnight bag.

Our teacher is an expert in this type of construction, and she is also an excellent teacher.  We've been fortunate enough to have taken classes from her before and were ready, willing, and able to put our full trust in her.  She is truly amazing!  Keeping a keen eye on all of us and our progress, she shepherded us all through the various stages of our bags.

Fortunately, this time I was ready and was able to finish almost everything.  The final stitching around the top of the bag has yet to be done because I forgot to include in my kit the spool of variegated thread I'd used for quilting and will use for the topstitching.  Also there is an eight-inch seam yet to be sewn in the bottom of the bag.

I've mentioned that I love pockets so I took pictures of the pockets in my bag.  The blue/purple batik is the lining of the bag, and the colorful materials are the pockets.

And these are the pockets on the other piece of the lining.

Can you tell I had a bit of fun?

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  1. I know you had a ton of fun. And your bag is colorful and just plain happy. No one is going to miss finding you when you carry that bag!!