Sunday, July 12, 2015

Clive Amazes Again!

Last week brother D and "sil" E came for a two day visit which is why there were no entries at the end of the week.  We were having such a good time I actually forgot to write!

I assure you one of things we did was take a stroll around the gardens - not that there is much to see.  Nothing has been done in the back for a couple of reasons which seemed good at the time but now make me wonder.  We talked about ticks, and D came in sporting a couple of them (fortunately not deer ticks) which simply reinforced the idea that neither of us should undertake cleaning up the garden alone.  We know that we need to check each other for those pests as neither of us is good at scanning our own back.  At any rate, privately I suspect that my real reason was that I wanted to spend time painting or sewing rather than weeding.  Oh well - next year for the big back yard gardens.

This conversation started because I wanted to exclaim over our clivia plant.  It bloomed during the winter for the first time in years and years which excited us both a lot.  So I figured that in order to get a repeat bloom next winter, I should try to do this year what I did last (I can hear you snickering from here because you think I can't remember what I did).  Anyway, it is out on the front porch, and I have been watering very sparingly.

It isn't working.

Clive (my pet name for this plant) is flowering now.

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