Thursday, July 16, 2015

From Sewing to Pursuing Possible Paintings through Photographs

While I spent my day working on the wall  hanging I can't show here, I do want to spend a little time talking about it (but only a little time).  I finished the center portion, but then discovered that my fears at the beginning of the project were based in reality.  Since I had pulled my background fabric from my stash, I knew I might not have enough for the borders.  After measuring and confirming that I had been correct, and indeed, I don't even have enough for what I considered might be my fall back design for the border.  After sitting and thinking and doing even more math (you know how much I love that!), my level of discomfort went up as I came up with an idea that I think will be really great.  If I have it figured correctly.  We'll see!

Then I took a break and went outdoors to water D's bonsai, check the plantings I did yesterday, and see if I could snap some photos that might make future painting subjects.  See what you think ;

In this first one, the crimped edges of the petals would make me suitably un - comfortable!

Oh, the colors and shapes of these make me swoon!

And then there is this one - drama personified.  But is it a painting? or really a photo? or even, maybe, a drawing?


  1. David Taylor would make a spectacular quilt out of any of those flower photos. I particularly love the yellow lillie !!

  2. I can see the yellow lily in a very large square format -- brilliant in its luminous yellow petals starkly contrasted by a deep black background