Sunday, July 26, 2015

Experiment turns Scary

 Sometimes experiments can be scary.  A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about an oil painting I had begun.  My idea was to create an under painting of the subjects' complementary colors.  For example, the under painting of a green leaf would be red, an orange flower would be blue, and a purple butterfly would be yellow.  The reason for doing this, I reasoned, is that when I paint over that base of complements with my palette knife, any missed spots, any swipes of the knife that skips, will show its complement.  That juxtaposition of colors will be like seeing sparks. If it works!

So okay, what's the scary part?  This is:

Orange and shades of red indicate that so far I have a painting that will be all green and blue, and that means landscape.  Please tell me you can see that, at least!  But then there are those white areas like the spotty oval-ish bit up towards the middle/top of the painting, the long stretch across the middle, and the oval area at the lower left.  Simple reason for those blank areas - the paint surrounding them was wet, and I really don't want the paint to mix.  Those spots were left until the paint around them is dry.  

All that being said, I think you can understand why I call this a scary experiment.  Right now it looks like something for Halloween!

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