Monday, July 6, 2015

Fellowship of Hand-Piecers

Do you ever start a project, work on it enthusiastically for a while, work more slowly as time goes on, put it down, and walk away?  Then one day you come across it while cleaning out the deepest, darkest corner of the closet no one ever opens and say, "So that's where it was!  Maybe I should finish it."  The cycle may repeat until you either throw it away or . . . 


Behold, the "Carpenter's Star" wall hanging with hand-pieced pattern blocks as it looks now - hanging on my design wall(with a corner refused to stay where I put it).  It has borders and is ready to go off to a quilter, but getting it to this point once the blocks were finished was a trial. When I was ready to cut the background and border fabrics I had selected back at the start of this project, I discovered that they just wouldn't work.  I also discovered that I was so tired of the project that I couldn't even begin to choose an alternative.  

That's where the Fellowship of Hand-Piecers came to my rescue.  At the end of  the search, they had several very good possibilities lined up from which I could pick.  It was Sue R who spent the most time and came up with the best choices for me, and I owe her a return favor.

Thank you, Sue, call on me when you need a helping hand!

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