Monday, July 13, 2015

Discomfort Walked In

Here is the photo of the unfinished study of the "Stourhead Stables" (aka the "Blue Doors" which is the title I would have used if I hadn't been afraid that I wouldn't remember where and what that building was).  The basics are recognizable - especially if you've seen the finished article, but a lot is clearly missing.

Here's what my brain was thinking.  The final painting is complete, and this study helped me get there so it deserves something.  I'll make it an experimental study and introduce that hint of discomfort.  Okay, explanation time: being slightly uncomfortable keeps one from being predictable or from getting into a creative rut.  Discomfort is a desirable state.  

That's when I decided to finish this study using ink.  By the time I worked with a set of 4 Faber-Castell artist pens in sepia, I was humming.  Not a good sign if I were look for a sense of discomfort.  Then I added Inktense colored pencil and that worked.  I've never worked much with "real" colored pencils (as opposed to the ones designed for children) and the small bit I've done was disaster.  Discomfort walked in and sat down for tea.

Here's what happened to that study you saw above :

While it isn't a great work of art, I think it has some merit.  And I've learned that experimenting is worth it.  Now I know using pen with watercolors is something I'd like to try from time to time.  The colored pencils???  Not so much.

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