Thursday, July 23, 2015

Entry #800 - Nothing to Write Home About

The plan was to go to the dentist in the morning after a walk (and shower!), come home for lunch, and then spend the afternoon painting.  If that had happened, there would be something to show for it or at least to discuss.

It didn't happen.  After my appointment, I had to make a trip to my drug store to fill a prescription for an antibiotic to combat a rather large area of infection.  Who knew?  When the root of a tooth is dead, it doesn't feel anything so all I had was an occasional hiccup from a neighboring root.  Anyway, it took a little while to fill the prescription so I sat happily reading my Kindle until I realized I'd have to go to the grocery store next.  Having been warned about eating with a numbed mouth (biting one's tongue can cause a painful wound once the numbness wears off), I mentally ran through the contents of both the pantry and the refrigerator.  Not much there requiring little chewing except yogurt.  After learning of the side-effects of my antibiotic, I am glad to have that yogurt!

The grocery store supplied me with some of their soup as well as a couple of other items. By the time I was backhome, I was surprisingly tired. Daughter called, we chatted, and then I had a late lunch which took care of some of the tiredness but not the lassitude (wonderful word!) that hung on for the little bit of afternoon that was left.

I chalk that up to the lingering effects of the appointment-tension and the post-appointment relief.  Maybe I'll get some work done tomorrow.  

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