Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fate of an Unfinished Study

Even when a day seems mired in necessary chores, the brain keeps working - possibly in its subterranean depths hidden from the conscious mind - on problems or ideas related to the creative part of the brain.  That always amazes me; I know I've written about how I may go to sleep with an insurmountable problem but wake up with its solution clear in my head.

Anyway, today's "solution" was about a small issue - too small really to even rise to the importance of being classified as a "problem".  When working on studies for "Stourhead Stables", I had one study that I really liked but left unfinished.  At that time I was ready to leave the drafts behind and go on to a finished piece.  After that painting was completed, I still had this unfinished study.  The only two things I thought I could do with it was first, work it into another, almost identical version of the stables, or second, file it away somewhere.  Neither suited me. 

While I was doing housework today, a possibility snuck into my head so unobtrusively that I didn't realize it was there until this evening as I sat almost dozing in front of the TV.  What if I took the unfinished study and completed it in a very different way?  Drawing the missing details in pen and ink would not only be unlike the painting; it might turn out to be rather interesting.

At least doing it will be.  

I'll take before and after pictures and post them when it's done.  

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  1. That sounds like a really good idea - mix the two. Much better than letting it sit unseen or, even worse, putting it in the (gulp) trash!