Monday, July 20, 2015

UFO Undertaking

The borders went on the mysterious wall hanging today (cheers!!!).  They are only 2.5" in width which is not what I wanted, but by having them relatively narrow, there is enough fabric left for the binding as well.  That is a major coup!  There is a piece of fabric ready to be put to use as the backing (ugly but serviceable), and I'm pretty sure I have a piece of batting that will suffice.  

I am now free to return to projects that have been put aside.  My intention is to start on my UFOs and try to get two completed before allowing myself to start a new project - after which another two UFOs will be tackled. Help keep me honest by asking me every so often how I'm doing on my UFO Undertaking, okay?

Of course, the handwork I do in the evenings isn't part of the UU.  Well, actually, it is in a way.  I was about to crow and say tonight I picked up a new project to do some handwork on, but it isn't new.  It was started last month, and it's been re-visited only in my mind.  That vacation from working on it allowed me to be a bit more thoughtful about it this evening.  The difference with my night work will be that I will allow myself to work on whichever unfinished piece is ready to be worked on.  Since most of these are "art" or "near-art" they require more willingness, more enthusiasm than the pieced works do.  That's why I've built in a "willingness on my part" factor.

Sound possible?  I hope so.  Tomorrow I'll have a photo of my handwork and maybe some news on the art (as in paintings) front.

Until then . . .


  1. What in the world is a UFO. I gather you don't meant an unidentified flying object! Not that I have any idea about what you mean by UU.

  2. UFO -- unfinished object -- it's a quilting thing cause we all have more UFOs than anything else. And I have no idea what UU is. Can hardly wait to see the testing quilt you did! (oh, and to finish mine)