Sunday, July 19, 2015

Finding What Was Lost

That was some thunderstorm today.  Short and powerful but not a tornado in our area fortunately.  And of course, the rain started about 15 minutes after I watered the plants.  

The nicest thing that happened this weekend was finding enough of my background fabric to squeeze out a border for my little wall hanging.  I could have sworn I had a piece left but couldn't find it.  That made me think I had used it for the last few strips I needed.  Of course, what really happened was my brain dropped a critical piece of information and buried it under a pile of unrelated memories.  Turns out that piece of fabric was hiding in the bag I took with me a week ago when I went to various stores looking for a possible match. It was my work bag that I used last Sunday, and I thought I had cleaned it out. Turned out I overlooked one pocket - the one in which I stuffed that fabric.  You can't begin to imagine how happy I was to find that elusive piece even after spending a good portion of my time figuring a way around the problem.

Oh well, the solution will stand me in good stead in some future border.  Solutions like that can be put away in a mental drawer and pulled out to be used when needed.

As long as I can remember what that solution was and in which mental drawer I stored it!

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  1. Just a thought about things being somewhere and you forgot -- last night I found the top to the can of bread crumbs. it had been missing about a week and I was using foil. I found it last night - in with the potatoes !!!! I'm thinking the brain cells are dying off faster than I can count.