Thursday, July 30, 2015

More on Sunflowers

Just a quick note today as I am off tomorrow to a quilt show (remember, I did miss the Vermont show so I have to make for it) and have to be up very early.

This is the sunflower photo I posted earlier. If you remember, I had said I thought it would work better in oils than in watercolor.  Then to my delight I discovered water-based oil paints so the possibility of getting to such a painting in the near is future more likely.  That made me look at the sunflowers photo again thinking about how I would paint them.  And look at what I found!

The back of the sunflower is amazing!

It's quite sculptural, isn't it?  And, no, I don't plan to paint it at least not in the near future.  But it might be interesting to draw.  All those lights and shadows?

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