Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Making the Final Drawing for the Mews

An apology to everyone who was confused after reading yesterday's entry with its proliferation of abbreviations.  A UFO, in quilting parlance, is an UnFinished Object.  My UU (really don't like that very much and will have to come up with something better - maybe Double U) is a UFO Undertaking.  Enough about that for the time being (wish I knew how to create a simple Glossary for this blog).

During today's painting class, I did some drawings for the Mews project.  The tricycle was the first one I attempted from memory.  It will have to be checked, I think.  The second was the large standing planter (masquerading as a garbage bin right now), and the third was the window box.  

Then I cut them out and . . . . . 

placed them on one of the studies-for-color I've done.  Once home, I re-sized them to fit and put a bit of tape on on the backs of the flower containers so they'd stay put at least until I decided where they belonged.  The trike was moved around a bit until I made a slit between the pink and the dark gold buildings and slipped it in there.  It's where Sharon suggested it might do best, and I agree.

The final step was to attach all additions (including  another slightly larger window box on the pink building after fixing its perspective a bit), on the "real" drawing that has all the building details, and make a copy of the whole thing.

 Lots of steps involved as I made up my mind about the final composition.  While it may seem like a lot of unnecessary steps, being able to re-size and duplicate drawings and to move things around without damaging either the items moved or the base drawings, was really a time saver.

Now I have the master for transfer on to the watercolor paper! 

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  1. wow -- that's quite a good idea to draw things and then position them. I could see that it would be very useful. Love that drawing. It's going to be another spectacular water color.