Sunday, January 31, 2016

Quilt, Quilting, and Painting

Much has gone on since the last entry.  Today will be the day of photographs and little text.

Four of us showed up with our almost finished Mystery Quilts on Sunday.  The fifth person forgot, and I forgot to send a reminder.  Here are the four in the order they were shown.

The first is a lovely blue and green version made by E.  Like most of us, she didn't like it until she added the borders.  The rest of us just swooned (the photos are from my cell phone and the colors are as vivid as I remember them).

ME did this version, and it is being held by two relatively short people - hence the sagging.  The borders made it for her, too.  Generally speaking borders bring a quilt together.  To me the most important border is the narrower striped one with all colors pulled in.  Stroke of genius, ME!

This one is mine.  It's larger than the others, and my borders include left over pieces from the quilt because I didn't have enough of the striped purple to go around.

S McG made a Halloween-themed version, and she is planning to do some very creative applique on it as well.  

During our Hand-piecing "Class", I worked on a project that has been hiding, unfinished, in my  studio closet.  This is the third of a planned four hand-quilted blocks.  I enjoy hand-quilting very  much, but this particular one is my least favorite - which may be why I set it aside.  But I also wanted a variegated thread for the center.

Finally, a brief look at one study I started in Saturday's class on how-to paint birch trees.  Mine are definitely not birches but as it is the most successful of three dismal studies, I show it.

Unfinished - but then they all were.  It was a four hour class which I found exhausting but full of information.  The studies will continue until I can produce some semblance of a birch!

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  1. This is funny - I didn't recognize my quilt from the photo! DUH !!
    I can't wait to see S's. The birch tree is really dark - but the shape looks great! Important thing - you learned stuff that will help you in the future. Always a wonderful thing (if the darned brain remembers it when you need it)