Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Almost There

Yesterday was painting day, and while much work was done, the painting still isn't finished.  BIG sigh.  So, since life is a little bit calmer, I decided to work on it a bit more today.  

Today I added the iron work on the upper floor of the pink building and on the bridge over the canal.  On the building, I made the ironwork relatively Italianate (in this context that just means moderately ornate) and on the bridge completely spare.    

So here are the questions I have for Sharon: Should I make the railing on the bridge more characteristically ornate?  Or would that take too much attention away from the figure?  I do think I need to make the head a bit more defined and slightly brighter colors on the shirt.  Anyway, another question would be: Should I draw the railing on the other side of the bridge?  Or would that detract from the rather simplistic drawing of the background buildings?  Or would it balance the more ornate detailing on the pink building?

Anyway, I still have to paint the edges of the bridge while I ponder what I think might be best.


  1. personally, I would make the iron more ornate. It looks way too plain. If you need to, make the figure darker. Oh, and no need to frame it - I'll do that myself when you gift me this one. (I wish) Have a great day. (maybe a copy?)

  2. Now that you have heard from Mary Ellen, let me throw in my two cents (which is about what it's worth). I would add a little pop to your figure. I love the addition of your iron works --the ornate one on the building, and even the simple one on the bridge. The railing on the bridge is quite dark, and I would expect a faint railing on the other side of the bridge. I think it would make the bridge have more dimension. I'm not as sure about the water leading under the bridge and beyond, whether something more is required. You know I love the painting, and how can you give the painting to Mary Ann when I'm going to get it. (Oh well, dream on!)