Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Gardening Realities

No weeding today!  Instead I put in many (seemed like hundreds!) perenniels. Over the course of years of gardening in the same site, some plants naturally reach the end of their attractiveness, health, or appropriate size, color, what-have-you. Multiply that by the random and infuriating incursion of any variety of animals, and replanting becomes necessary.  In our case all of the above are responsible for the multiplicity of plants I put in today.

Plants but no wire.  By this morning, I had become really concerned about my ability to cut any amount of wire hardware cloth as well as the appropriateness of the kind of cloth I bought.  So I did the smart thing and asked D to check it out for me.  He confirmed both of my suspicions.  I wouldn't be able to cut the wire (nor did we have wire cutters that would make the job possible), and I bought the wrong kind.  No wire for this garden (I'll have to become creative and think of some way to use all that hardware cloth).  But at least that made my day easier!

Easier, certainly, but worrisome.  All those wonderful plants . . . There's always the chance that some will not survive.  That percentage goes up with the number of desperadoes (i.e., critters) lurking about drooling over the new edibles in their salad bar.  No hardware cloth, no protection for the plants.

I just hope that it won't be as hot the next time I work in the garden!

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  1. it's done !!! Hopefully many plants will survive critters and weather and, if not, there's spring coming next year where it shouldn't be so hot !!!