Monday, July 25, 2016

Painting the Family Room

The painting of the family room began today, and we should open a bottle of champagne to celebrate!  It has needed painting for a long time, but given the size of the room, the massive amounts of woodwork, the number of windows, and the high ceiling, it wasn't a job we could do ourselves.  Therefore, since the garden room opens off the family room, we made renovating the family room part of that work.  

It's a good thing we did, too.  The ceiling was phenomenally dirty from a problem with our furnace and some soot from the wood-burning stove.  The walls were definitely in need of attention, and the green wall was no longer a favorite.  Below you can see that wall as it looks now.  The bookshelves and the wardrobe have been painting with a "white pigmented shellac primer" in order to cover the knots that bled through the green paint.  You can also see where that same paint was used on areas in need on the walls.  The ceiling was re-taped where needed and painted with two coats of ceiling white (a third and final coat will be applied tomorrow, I think).

You can also see some of the pale green carpet on the floor between the wall and covered furniture.  It, too, will go, and the bamboo floor from the garden room will come through into the family room.
Then, of course, there will be some new furniture mixed in with the old, and things will be rearranged.  

There is a slight down side; until some carpentry work has been done, and maybe even until the painting is finished, there will be no TV.  It's a good thing we are both readers!

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  1. HURRAY !! The painting is finally getting done. I know you've wanted to do it for a long time even without the addition of the garden room. It's going to be beautiful and then with that wood floor !! Yeah! And eventually they'll even deliver the new furniture. That's exciting. and there's really nothing worthy on TV so it's better to read, sew, knit and paint anyhow!