Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What a Day!

I was really looking forward to painting class today because I had managed to work on the Venice painting two days this past week.  I thought it possible that it was finished.  Well, let's say I thought it was finished but knew Sharon would probably have a different idea, and there would be a bit more to do.  "Whatever she says," I thought, "it won't bother me because by the time class is over, it will be better and finished."

I never got to class.  Oh, I started out.  I actually got about a mile down the road when I decided the light was gorgeous and that barn really needed to have another photo taken.  Pulling off to the side of the road, I got out and took a couple of pictures.  Once back in the car, I put it drive so I could continue on my way.  "GggrrrccckkkkKKKKK!" said the engine, and the car wouldn't move.  Thinking I had gone over a stick that might have gotten wedged somehow, I got out, checked the back, checked the front - no stick, rock, or any other impediment.

So back in the car, I thought I'd better call AAA and get towed to our Honda place.  Oops, BIG OOPS, I didn't have my AAA card.  Although I was close enough to home that I could walk, I was uneasy about leaving my car.  Who could I call?  D was gone on business.  Neighbor was traveling.  Girl friend was working; or was she?  I called her, and lucky me, she was home!

She drove out here, picked me up, drove me home to get my card, and - get this - not only drove me back to my car, she sat with me until the tow truck came!  When I thanked her, she just said, "That's what friends do," and she's right.  Thank you, ME!!!

Luckily it turned out to be only an axle and the bushing/s (don't ask, I have no idea) not the transmission!   After finishing a book, doing some stitchery, playing a game of Scrabble on my Kindle, and paying almost $700, I was able to drive home.  Whew.

Anyway, here is the way the Venice painting as it was the last time I showed you:

And the way it looks now.

I don't think there is enough difference between the water in the canal and the buildings behind the bridge that meet the water (under the bridge you can see the darkest side of the gray building).  The only place it is clear is below the person  . . . Well, if you can't see it, I really need to do something about it.  But what?


  1. I LOVE the railing that you did on the painting. and that your transmission works and it only took FOREVER to get your car back - but at least it was the same day!

    I have to tell you that the pinebush quilt looks fabulous behind my piano. If it were going to stay more than tomorrow, I would have to hang it higher because the waterfall goes behind the piano. However, Jerry noticed it IMMEDIATELY. His words - that's beautiful - who made it? I know it wasn't you. Gotta love a husband!

  2. I agree that the railing looks better now and it appears that you also intensified the color of the person on the bridge, but one cannot always tell because of the vageries of photographs. I don't know that the buildings under the bridge need more something. You waited this long. Why not see what Sharon has to say before you do any more. Sorry about the car. Is it time for a new one -- oh horrors!