Thursday, July 14, 2016

Caladium, Hellebore, and Shadows

While I did work a bit on the Venice painting today including drawing the railing behind the figure on the bridge - I agree with you, E), what really captured my attention was our Stonehenge.

When we returned from our walk (rather sweaty and bedraggled), I decided that I had to plant the hellebores before they decided I had totally lost interest in them and sulked themselves into a fit of the dismals.  Fortunately, I have only three of them and was putting them in soil that had yet to be compacted so it went quickly.  And fortunately again, we had rain this afternoon which cleared up about dinner time when we were sitting in the Garden Room.

Here's the view we had:

The caladium leaves backlit by the sun are just lovely, and the hellebores, albeit still a bit droopy, with their sun splashed green leaves make such a pretty oasis of color for us.  Especially welcome as we have a broad stretch of sand in this general vicinity.  Don't overlook the circle of light behind the tree and its border of shadow as well as the shadows of the beech leaves on the ground in front of Stonehenge.  Finally, the play of light and dark on the stones . . .  All together it's a treat to see and savor.

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