Sunday, July 10, 2016

Colorful Clouds

Lately I have been checking out the sky.  What catches my attention most are clouds.  Not only are they amazingly beautiful, they are also amazingly difficult to paint - no matter what color they are.

Here's an illustration of what I mean:

This photograph is from June of 2015.  D and I were in D.C. and had gone to a Nationals' baseball game.  If I remember correctly, the game hadn't even started when a severe thunderstorm started rolling in from Ohio (I think).  With the storm, as usual, came clouds, but these were made remarkable because of the color.  

So if the question of clouds is accepted as within the normal range of difficulties painters face, then imagine this.  If you were looking at a realistic painting that included clouds this color, what would you think?


  1. I'd think your paints were the wrong color. I've never seen that many clouds look that orange!

  2. As the passenger, one of my favorite things is looking at clouds particularly with sunglasses that have a tendency to intensify the contrasts. Looking at the clouds in your photograph, I wonder whether the colors are distorted by the night lights of the field. One of my art teachers in the past, hated brown. I wonder how she would have handled this photo.