Monday, July 4, 2016

Day 2 of Weeding Excitement

The weeding was finished today, oh joy, oh rapture!  Also because there may be rain tonight or Wednesday,  I put down a weed killer.  With any luck, I won't have to do any more major weedpulling this year.

The down side?  Nothing was planted.  So that means that tomorrow I will be outside working on cutting hardware cloth (hope my hands are up to it!).  The hardware cloth will surround the underground portion of the plant, and therefore, save it from the voracious appetite of chipmunks.  I'm just tired of spending money on plants that have roots completely devoured, tired of dreaming of the beauty that particular plant will add to the garden only to be disappointed, tired of the work it takens to plant and coddle new flowers only to have them disappear before our eyes.  

No pictures of what I did today, but I have two pictures of the garden area that I like.  This one is a photo of a favorite birdhouse; the wrens vacated it yesterday so it's for rent again.  But what I like best in this picture is the Mary Todd daylily.  It's such a rich yellow and is one of our earlier daylilies.

Yesterday I posted a photo of  D's Stonehenge.  ME wondered if it would create magic.  My answer is, Yes! Just look at the wonderful shadow on the ground and the color of the leaves with the sun shining through.

  Beauty is magical, don't you think, ME?

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