Thursday, July 21, 2016

Definition of a Successful Day

Today I spent most of my time in my studio.  I had intended to use the time there to begin a new quilt as well as work on one started about a week ago.  Then, if there was enough time, I hoped to be able to paint the lower edge of some oil paintings.  All of that, of course, before the men came to pour our patio at 3:00.

Guess what!

It didn't happen.

What I did do was go grocery shopping before 8:00 a.m., and on the way home stopped to take photographs of the Yellow Door Farm and its field.

You can't see the yellow doors from this side, but the oak tree I like so much is on the right 

And the field of weeds.

I did manage to clean, sort, and tidy one of the shelves in the closet in my studio before the patio was poured, and because I'm a positive sort of person, I'm going to count that a successful day.  Something was accomplished.

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  1. best thing of all -- the car didn't break down this time!!