Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Escape from Danger

Today was a day for organization and for down payments.  I needed to pack up the top of my desk.  That's where I had kept all of the important papers and business materials (envelopes, scotch tape, household folders et al) when I packed up the drawers.  Fortunately I had that all done before our cleaner arrived so she was able to dust the desk for me making it one less thing I had to do.

While the cleaners were here, the designer came and we went over the measurements of various areas of the rooms, our chairs, and checking the measurements of new chairs (would they work with the existing furniture? would they fit in the room?  would they fit us!).  After reviewing the fabric choices, also, I wrote the checks.  So now the chairs and fabrics for them and for the "window treatments" have been ordered.  Excitement reigns!  She says everything should be here and settled in by Thanksgiving.  Hm mm, I hadn't thought it would take that long, but now, knowing everything that has to be done, I understand.  Since we love Thanksgiving, I'm delighted to think everything will be in place and lovely.

The rest of the day was spent in various household busy-ness.  So I will show you the photos I took of the local farm before the axle break.  You may recognize the subject of the photos because I have shown other pictures of it before.

None of these pictures have been cropped as they would be if I were going to use them for a painting.  Right now these will wait until if or when I am ready to paint.  Notice the weeds by the edge of the road and throughout the field where's a glorious white pine.

This close up of barn and cottage gives a clearer view of the structures.  I find I have to have a close up even if (or especially if) I decide to leave them in the distance.  I still need to know what they look like.  Also this shot give me a great view of those wonderful weeds.

And here's that super tree!  I do need to take a different view from another side where there is no tree immediately behind this one.  In this one there it's difficult to separate the pine shape from the oaks behind.

You know, if I hadn't stopped to take these pictures, I might have had that axle break in the midst of traffic somewhere.  It could have been very dangerous; I was very lucky!

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  1. great photos! And, yes, all in all it's good that the axle broke when and where it did!

    Your quilt looks great on my wall. Are you really sure you need it back? (just kidding)