Sunday, January 3, 2016

A New Year = A New Approach

This has been a lovely, long break from writing entries, but I'm back again!  With everything we had going on, I just didn't have the energy at the end of the day for writing.  

Once again I have decided to make a few resolutions for the new year, but resolutions with a difference (for me, at least).  In the past, I've tried to make what I thought were reasonable, attainable resolutions, but my resolve never lasted more than a month. In hindsight I realize that I was going about this all wrong, but I thought resolutions and/or the making of them was the problem.  Last week on one of the news programs on BBC, I heard a few things that may help me change some behaviors more easily. What follows is the type of resolution I would have made in the past with the what-I-hope-will-be-more-successful type I'm making today.

So - instead of: I will lose 10 pounds (or whatever specific number) or even I will lose weight (a more general resolution), here is this year's version:  

1.     I will try to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen, but if I decide to eat something not usually acceptable or skip my walk, so what? It's not the end of the world (I've had experience and know that to be true!).  "Tomorrow is another day."

Instead of: I will finish my unfinished projects and use only my stash on new projects; here's this year's more realistic version:

2.  I will make a list* of five quilts that I will work on. 
     First list of five: Three of those quilts will be unfinished projects, and if I don't want to work on them, I will analyze why not.  If I just don't like the quilt any more, I will give or throw it away.  If I just don't feel like working on it because I'd rather work on something else, I will allow myself to do so.  Two of the quilts will be new projects that I feel like doing using either the fabrics I set aside for that project OR choose as many as possible from my stash.  If I need to purchase something to fill out the list of items needed, that's all right.
     Second list of five: The numbers will reverse - three that are new projects that I want to work on and two are unfinished projects.
    If something comes up and I have to deviate from this plan, that's all right, too.  Both opportunities and inspiration arise; I'd be a fool to ignore either.  I can always return to the plan after dealing with the opportunity or inspiration is dealt with (notice I didn't say "completed").  Also, although my stash has a lot, it doesn't have everything.  If I don't like what is there at all, I'll give it away.  If I need something to add to what I have, I will purchase it.  If I find something I can't resist, that's because it speaks to me, and I call that inspiring fabric so - 

Instead of: I will spend 2 hours every morning on art; here's a better statement:

3.  I will work on art as often as I can.  If I can work everyday, terrific!  If I can't, I won't just give the resolution up, I'll continue to keep the idea of drawing, painting, planning (what have you) in the forefront of my mind so I can snatch the moment when one becomes available.

And here's the one that should be first:

4.  In order to spend as much time with my family and friends as possible (as well as keep the above three resolutions!), I will work my hardest to keep my calendar from getting overfull.  I will honor commitments, but choose wisely those that I accept.  If a time comes when there is too much on my plate because I've ignored wisdom, I'll accept those that I cannot change, but I will also remind myself that I am retired and do not have to do everything.

Finally, Keep the list as short as possible.  I have left things out that in previous years I would have listed.  It's the old, "Keep it simple."

*My list of projects will be exchanged with ME, and I will have her list.  This way she and I can encourage each other and make working on projects more fun by working together when we can.


  1. I am going to print out this post cause I think it just might be do-able. Except for the art part. I don't draw - and I work - but a general rule of 2 hours per day on work just isn't going to cut it. Still, I like your rules.

  2. oh my friend! You are my inspiration as to how to face the year ahead. I love your "resolutions" and think I may follow suit as best I can. I think I may have to print out a huge poster for myself: It's not the end of the world, tomorrow is another day! My heroine...yes you are!! Thank you for setting rules for yourself that are ones any of us can and should follow!!

  3. I just revisited that wonderful old movie "Gone With the Wind." It seems whenever Scarlet met a problem she could not solve, there always was "tomorrow." Still a good way to look at things.