Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mystery Quilt Closer to Being FInished

Sewing on the Mystery Quilt took much of my day - that is after an entire morning spent putting the pieces in what I hope was a pleasing manner. Thought I had it all done and whipped out my cell phone to take pictures.  This time the pictures were solely to help me make sure the sewing was being done correctly as the quilt was on the guest room bed (the better to see if it would be the right size!) ,and I had to carry the pieces to the sewing machine.  Usually I forget the orientation and need something to look at to make sure the sewing is correctly done. 

Naturally, half way through the stitching I discovered that sewing it the way it was laid out presented a real problem.  I had overlooked the fact that the large pieces I cleverly (I thought) laid out in such a way that they linked the pattern together much like interlocking logs made it almost impossible to sew.  It's hard to attach a 12" x 12" square to a 6" x 6" square.  How to solve this?  I had already sewed a third of the quilt together, and my options for moving pieces around had diminished.

Of course, there was a way to do it; it was simply difficult and had to be done carefully.  Right angle sewing is tricky.  And time consuming.

Ah well, that part is finished, and tomorrow I hope to get the main part of the quilt done with time left over for the borders.

Wish me luck!

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