Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Painting - San' Antimo

Today painting was as usual; a wonderful, happy time full of serious work and lots of laughter.  Even when our numbers are down as they were today (some have flown south and others have family obligations), we have a tight-knit group and know we are lucky in our support for each other and very fortunate in our teacher.  

Sharon was quite kind about the first go at San Antimo including the background wash! She pointed out that it was too early to make rash decisions (though I wasn't thinking about discarding it - yet!).  Still and all, I wasn't happy with it as I've said, but I was determined to continue and learn from it as a study for the second attempt.

Here is the study before today's work and after:

I could tell you what I think isn't successful, but then, you could probably tell me!  It clearly isn't finished, and we'll see what can be done about its shortcomings.

Next is the new San' Antimo painting.  In this version, I put the perspective back to the way it is in my photograph.  In the first go, I thought I could give the building a more straight forward look but forgot what I had decided and angled the forward part the way my photo showed it.  Sigh.  Another reason to start taking notes!

Today all I did was work at getting a very light color for the walls which are nearly white in the photograph.  I thought I had it with burnt sienna and Antwerp blue which gave me quite a pale restrained green.  Then Sharon pointed out that in this version my background is mostly cool so I might want to use a warm color for the church.  And of course,she was right.  I did.  Back to the palette box I went and managed to mix up a batch of  a pinkish color that I thought looked like putty.

Don't judge it yet, and I won't either!  The roof  and windows will add a punch of color as is evident in the first painting.  That may work magic in this one.  We'll see.

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  1. I think they are both works in progress and let's see how they end up! I do think you do amazing work.