Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Serious Assessment of My Day

Another good day, but one with no pictures. Let's see:

  1. Laundry - two days late, but there was still clean underwear in dresser drawers.
  2. Grocery shopping - one day later than scheduled, but no one starved (I'm the only one home).
  3. Banking done - unscheduled errand.  Score one for me.
  4. Bought more ink cartridges.  I printed a lot of photographs, but they're for painting. No demerits for that purchase.
  5. Bought ribbon, beads, and background fabric for finishing touches on Improvisation #1 in White.  Background fabric was a remnant on sale.  Points added.
  6. Made a birthday card. I remembered before the birthday passed.  Double points.
  7. Cut fabric for extra pieces to enlarge Mystery quilt and sewed some additional blocks, BUT I still cannot get my head around that first block!  Both plus and minus points on that one so it's a wash.
  8. Thoroughly enjoyed making this list
I win!!!


  1. yes, you definitely had a winning day!!

  2. Gold stars all around, my dear!! Win win....
    (Watch me stand and applaud!)