Monday, January 18, 2016

Mystery Quilt - Again

This quilt has me changing my mind several times a day which is not a usual thing for me once I've started a project.  First, I was quite excited about the idea of making something I knew absolutely nothing  about.  Second, I chose fabrics I really liked - a lot.  Third, when I signed up to take the class, I didn't pay any attention to the finished size of the quilt.

The first point - the enthusiasm came and went as I worked my way through the process.  That's easy to explain. I like to have a clear pathway from the selection of a pattern to the fabric, to cutting and sewing. Through all those steps, my imagination works throughout the process picturing how the final product will look.  Having occasional anxiety about my choices was normal given my usual desire to make all decisions and have a way to put my personal stamp on a piece.

The choice of fabrics was the second item I mentioned.  I find making decisions about fabrics very easy, and I rarely second guess myself.  When I do, it usually rights itself as I continue with the pattern. Here I found one fabric really stuck its tongue out at me and just kept blowing raspberries at me.  Last night I went to bed trying to figure out what I could do with a quilt that I thought was definitely on its way to "unattractive" at best.  This morning I got up and looked at my design wall, and while I still was not a fan of that particular fabric, I found I really like the way everything is falling in place.  It's bright and cheerful as you can see from the last five blocks I made:

It turns out that the third "problem" - the finished size - was the real issue.  This pattern is for a wall hanging measuring 48" x 60".  I don't need another wall hanging and don't know anyone who does.  At first I thought I'd make it into a bed quilt for our full size guest room bed.  Okay, not such a good idea; that would take a bit of work and fabric.  Next I thought I'd make a twin-sized quilt for D's cousin's baby girl.  But that would mean the parents would have to store the quilt for - oh, maybe two years?  Another not very good idea.  Yes, it could be a donation quilt, but,well, I do like it.  Finally, I asked D.  He likes the idea of a second guest room quilt.

It'll be bright and cheerful if you come for a visit!

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  1. I do think that anyone who stays in your guest room will love this bright and happy quilt. Keep going. It's going to be magnificent!