Monday, January 25, 2016

Improvisation #1: Your Opinion?

I've searched (albeit quickly) through my photographs, but I could not find an early photo of the texture art quilt.  Now I can't even remember when it was begun, but now it is very close to being finished.  Not to long ago I showed you this picture:

At this point I was beginning the embroidery of - well, of a weed.  Now it the weed is as far along as will be until backing is added (or not) and the quilting is finished.  At that point I will attach the leaves, give it a last pat, and put it  . . . somewhere.

However, I am currently on the horns of a dilemma.  Should I put a background fabric on in such a way that it can be seen or just use a backing that follows the shape of the front (and can't be seen)?  Thinking that the first idea might be the correct one, I am going to ask for some help.  I will show you three possible backgrounds, and, if you will be so kind, you will tell me which one you think looks best.

I love fabric with script, type, or numerals.  The above has that as well as plants and birds - more favorites.

This selection has "duck" cloth as a background, and the fabric is virtually the same color as the quilting cotton on which I worked.  I haven't ironed the duck so that is a fold crease on the right.

This choice is one my very favorites of all time.  I bought a lot of it, wrapped on a cardboard bolt form, and sigh over it from time to time.  A bit of it has been used, but I hang on to it thinking I will use it for a quilt for our bed.  

The photographs were taken in natural light - no flash - so you might be able to see which looks best to you.

This is a close up of the weed's seed head (and my needle!).  I took four strands of raffia and of different embroidery threads to make the stem using my oh-so-rusty macrame (hadn't done that since - well, a very long time).

Once again, I'd like to know what you think about the possible fabric choices.  Or would you rather I don't use any and let the central piece stand on its own? 


  1. first of all, the close up on that "weed" is beautiful. I love it!!! Now for background - I'm going to disagree. I really like the first one. The second one is too light. I know you like fabric with words, but I think the first one shows off the embroidery and the total design better. Now, feel free to ignor my opinion because as you know it's just free advice !!!

  2. option#1- lovely but not quite right to my eye (at least on the computer screen).
    option #2- nope :-) You worked hard and I feel your lovely piece gets lost on the duck cloth. Kind of a why bother feeling to me.
    OPTION #3...oh oh my. Can I vote a confident, resounding yes to this one.
    In the long run, my dear, you know the ultimate decision falls to you and your gut. It hasn't failed you in the past, and won't now. You will chose wisely, and the piece will be, as all your work, most wonderful!

  3. In going back and looking again closely, I still say #3! It takes your piece to the level of a Love Letter! Can not wait to see this one in person.