Sunday, January 10, 2016

Mystery Quilt

Sunday, the end of a terrific weekend. I spent both Saturday and Sunday at LC working on a "Mystery Quilt".  There were six of who spent the weekend laughing, talking, and oh yes, sewing.  One woman (a new friend) talked less than the rest of us so she actually finished her quilt top. Two others worked very hard while listening, laughing, and talking (though not as much as the last three!) and are very close to being finished.  The last three participants, talked more than they should have (if they wanted to finish the quilt top in one weekend), laughed as much as they could, and sewed with the best intentions but possibly less well than the others.

I'm one of the last three.

Of course, you knew that already.

We have a deal to meet at LC at the end of January with our completed quilt tops, and I expect to be there.  Over the next few days I will show various parts of the quilt that I am working on, and at the show-and-tell when we display our work, I will show as many of the finished ones I can.  I think you'll really like to see how very different they all are.

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  1. It was lots of fun. Maybe they should split us up and we would keep up with the first three. Then again, maybe we'd bring the rest of the into our world of s-l-o-w quilting!