Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Crazy Art

Art class was crazy today; or if the truth be known, it was crazy for me.  I was delighted to be there, but my brain hadn't gotten the news.  Even though I packed my bag for class, I didn't check my photo folder (try saying that several times in a row!) carefully enough so I got to class without the necessary reference for the painting I had started.  Okay, I thought, I'll use a similar picture from a different angle and make up what I can't see.  What???  Clearly, the brain was strolling down a bougainvillea strewn boulevard without me.  Finally I had to admit it and tell everyone that Noel wasn't present; they were seeing a hologram.  Maybe next week she'll return.

After class I went to my favorite art supply store to purchase materials for a new project.  I am eager to start a painting of the Grand Canal in Venice, but I needed some different supplies for it.  It was exciting to get what I need so I can start - oh, wait.  I have the supplies, but do I have the time?  Tomorrow I have to cut fabric for a two-day weekend quilt class, Thursday I have a sew-in, Friday there's a Guild meeting with a possible free afternoon, Saturday and Sunday = class, and Monday?  I believe Monday is completely free (except it's laundry day).  That means I have one-and-a-half days minus laundry time to work on the Grand Canal with the newly purchased supplies.  Nope, the brain was since not in evidence.

Then I went to crazy class.  You probably thought I was the teacher since I was so obviously highly qualified, but no, I was a student.  The class was Crazy Quilt, and I felt right at home.  Finally!


  1. you made me laugh! Sometimes you just can't get enough coffee or - heck, I'll admit it - I can't spell caffeine today -- oops, spell check likes my 5th try! Anyhow, sometimes the brain just does not engage. However, you did make progress and eventually you'll have time to paint. After all, sometime this January we should get at least one snow day. Not that we want it -- but we could use it as an excuse to drop everything and do what we want. Wait - we're slightly mature women -- we can do what we want when we want, can't we? Hum.....

  2. thank you for today's huge smile! I think you needed crazy class :-)