Friday, January 8, 2016

Good Days for a Quilter

Yesterday there was no entry because I returned home from the Guild meeting rather tired from a long day.  It was a long but good day in my quilting life.

First, the sew-in at my other Guild was a smashing success as far as I was concerned.  Two of my art quilting friends were there sharing the table with.  C was working on a really wonderful art quilt consisting of fabric scraps in the shape of very thin, very long isosceles triangles with William Morris designs that she had cleverly crafted into circles.  She then scattered them on a rich background  . . . well, you'll just have to see it some time.

KR was beside me mending an older quilt she had given her daughter.  Ten or so years of love and dogs had had their toll, and KR said she'd do the mending.  Don't even think of asking me to mend a quilt!  It's a job times 10 to the nth degree.  But she did it; that's devotion to family and to craft!

One of my five "resolution quilts", the donation one, went with me, and I made 24 nine-patch blocks.  Then with the very last half-hour we were there, I managed to sew complete one row of six blocks with sashing between.  I was very pleased with that.

At the night-time Guild, the Snowman block ME had made was a smash hit - even at $3.00 per block because of the included embellishments.  We could have sold 27 Snowmen if we had had them; they were really super!  The Pine-Tree-in-the-Snow blocks all sold also because they make a good accompaniment for those snowmen.  I hope no one has problems with the construction of them and that all blocks are returned on time.  With 27 blocks, we are going to pull three winners from the hat so three people will have great wall hangings.

Today was the other Guild's meeting, and I think it was a real success.  Our speaker had almost 30 quilts, some antiques which she discussed and then many, many of her own.  There is a woman who is prolific and who does not turn her back on any opportunity to stretch her mind and ability.  I think she's successfully tackled just about every new technique out there.  What an inspiration!

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  1. I'm hoping to make my little nine patch snowman and pine tree quilt. And I also hope everyone makes it back with their blocks done! Happy you had lots of fun and quilting time!