Monday, January 11, 2016

Art Quilt Time

Surprise, surprise!  No photos today because I was having too good a time hand sewing and celebrating a birthday with my art quilt group.  We met here and discussed - oh, a lot of things. 

One member had an older, unfinished landscape quilt with stunning colors as well as a new project with circles on a golden background (I mentioned this one in an earlier entry).  Her work on the landscape project consisted of trying new adhesives and seemed to be meeting with success.  The circles project also had a new approach; she asked me to place the circles on the background (I over thought the task as usual).  She then took a photograph of my placement.  Then the second member of the group was asked to do the same thing.  It will be fun to see how she uses the three (hers included) ideas on effective placement.  

The second member had still another in her on-going series.  That led to an interesting discussion on the value of working in a series.  In each one, she has approached her subject in a different way - tried new techniques, perspectives, colors, materials - you name it.  Today was no different.  She was trying out a new fusible to which she could adhere tiny pieces of fabric.

It's such an education just watching what those two are doing!

I picked up my Improvisation piece and started filling in the large empty space with free-hand embroidery.  Wait, that's not totally accurate.  I did draw some swooping lines with chalk which were intended to be merely an optional guide, but when I couldn't see the chalk line, I went over it with mechanical pencil.  The darker line that resulted made it far less optional (if I didn't sew on it, it would be visible).  Another lesson learned.  

I still like where mine is going and continue to be both inspired by and fascinated with the work of my friends.  Photos will come of what I am doing, but I'd better not promise when they will appear.


  1. sounds like you had a good time. Some day I'm going to be a bit more daring with my quilting! I admire the two out of three that I know - and hope to meet C some day!

  2. oh to be a little mouse in the corner (or bug if you don't like mice?!) to soak up all this artsy inspiration!! I need to pull out my landscape and get it finished, otherwise my Walk in the Vt. Woods (it's working title) will exhaust me, lol. Pictures one day soon, please?!