Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Pine Bush and Mystery Quilt

After eating a very tasty luncheon, three of us headed out to the Pine Bush where we spent a happy time exploring the exhibits (and gift shop, of course).  Our main purpose was to gather some information and possibly some inspiration for the next challenge.  It's a small "Discovery Center", but it manages to pack a lot of hands-on, interesting exhibits in that small space.  It was too cold to take advantage of the many hiking trails, but when the weather is a bit better, I promised myself I would return to explore further.

Once back home, I spent the rest of the afternoon organizing the materials and the blocks made this past weekend for one of the "new quilts".  There was just enough time to finish a set of blocks started last Sunday.  It was the first free time to sew, and while not a lot was accomplished, it was still forward movement.  The blocks that are completed are:

"Evening Star"

"Broken Dishes"


"Pin Wheel"

Each block was made five times in different combinations of five fabrics for a total of twenty blocks so far.  Of course, after choosing the initial five fabrics and while cutting them, I decided to enlarge the quilt.  There wasn't enough left of the original fabrics so another five fabrics were added.  The "mystery" was that until near the end of our sewing time last Sunday, we had no idea what the finished quilt would look like.  We had no picture to go by or sample to look at.  

It will be interesting to see how this turns out with my ten colors and enlargement.

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  1. Oh, why am I NOT surprised you enlarged this one? It is very pretty and those blocks are truly wonderful. Is this for your bed or the guest bed? Can hardly wait to see it finished - or at least the top finished!!