Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Quilt Resolution Report

Here is the "Official" list of the five quilting projects I plan to complete before starting anything new.

Old Projects:  

  1. B. A. Bag #2:  Okay so this one is a bag, not an actual quilt even though it requires quilting.  It's on my list because I really don't enjoy making bags although I sometimes like the finished piece.  This way it will be finished and off my studio floor.
  2. Biggest Binding Project lying around:  Here's something else I truly don't like doing - even if I now do it on the sewing-machine.  I must, must, must get started on my pile of non-bound items.
  3. Off the Beaten Path:  This is the art/story quilt I started making for the main bathroom upstairs.  It got pushed to the side when other more urgent projects claimed my attention.  This will a fun thing to do.  
New Projects:
  1. Boy's Quilt: This is the donation quilt I've mentioned this week. It qualifies as new even though my intention to make one is old. It's new because the actual work on it started this month; I got the fabric out and organized, cut all of it out, and am taking it for tomorrow's Guild Sew-In day.
  2. Mystery Quilt:  Even though I signed up and purchased fabric for this one last year, I cut out all the fabric for it this week, and it will be started this weekend.  Once started, my goal is to finish it.
If you've thought about this, you now realize I will soon be juggling five projects in the air.  That is part of the balancing act this will require.  But, you see, it really isn't any different than what I already did except that it is minus the "Look, there's a chicken!" anymore.

I will report on my progress from time to time.

Next I need to organize my approach to my art.  I'm not sure it will be quite as easy, but I hope, that now one part of my life is on the road to organization, the other will join in more easily on the trip.

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