Monday, January 4, 2016

Some Success

Yesterday I wrote about my new approach to resolutions and made a list of this year's "to do" list.  While writing about my quilting and most especially about my "stash", I said,

 . . .  although my stash has a lot, it doesn't have everything . . .  If I need something to add to what I have, I will purchase it.  If I find something I can't resist, that's because it speaks to me, and I call that inspiring fabric so - 

Today I had occasion to test my resolve.  I was cutting out fabric for a donation quilt, this one for a boy, when I realized that I really needed an appropriate fabric for the large blocks.  So when I went out to run some errands, I stopped at the dangerously-convenient-quilt-shop and looked.  I found fabric with dogs and some with cats. Both were perfect for a young child (cartoon-ish but not babyish).  I bought some, but here's the good part.  I bought only a fat quarter of each (that's a piece of fabric 18" x 22").  It allowed me to cut 3 blocks of each to add to the quilt with a only a little left over.  

Did I stop there?  Well, no.  I saw some packets of "fabric samples" That were less than $5.  Did I buy them all?  No, I looked at them very carefully and chose three.  One I've already used in the boy quilt I'm working on.  The other two both have birds in them and the colors quite pretty.  My plan is to use them in a donation quilt for a girl.

The boy quilt is all cut out and ready to sew on Thursday.  This doesn't count as one of the "unfinished projects" to work on because it was pre-resolution.  I am determined to get it finished, though, so I can donate it this year which will take care of my obligation to my second Guild.

It's been a good day with a successful foray into a quilt shop.  Spending was kept to a minimum!


  1. That sounds like you did a remarkable thing. I've decided I must absolutely stick to the no buy unless 100% necessary. And I need to do a decent clean out of THE closet. Personally, I'm hoping there's no work this week so I can get a decent start on it. Congratulations!!

  2. May I repeat, my dear, your are my heroine!
    I am on a no fabric diet and will have to be true to that resolution this year. Why...maybe it will work even if I kick myself in the you-know-where and actually devote some at home time to getting back to quilting. There! I've said it. I want to quilt. Now to just forge ahead, looking to my friend and inspiration. xxoo